Briefly about Complex - Mobile Application Development

Briefly about Complex - Mobile Application Development

Author: Viktor Lebedinets

20 Oct 2021

Briefly about Complex - Mobile Application Development

Nowadays, most of the tasks we do daily are done using mobile apps. From games and listening to music to chatting with friends, tracking calorie intake, monitoring health details, or even e-signing important documents or using government services — we’ve now got a ton of apps for everything, and mobile app development is a very popular domain today. But how to ensure your mobile app is successful, appeals to the target audience, works fast, and is updated seamlessly? Read on to discover succinct and on-point hints about mobile application development based on Spintech’s rich expertise with the topic.

Choosing the language

This is one of the most fundamental choices — either you build native apps (Swift, Objective-C for iOS or Java/Kotlin for Android), cross-platform ones (ReactJS, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Dart/Flutter), or progressive web applications (which are actually websites running on mobile devices without the need to install the app).

Based on the results you expect to achieve and your target audience, some choices can be preferential to others — but only in-depth mobile development expertise can ensure you select the best language and framework for the task at hand. Thus, unless this is your umpteenth project and you know all there is to know about how to develop mobile apps — it’s best to consult with a technology provider like Spintech to choose the best fit for your needs.

Naturally, the best programming language for any app is the one you will not have any trouble with when supporting the mobile application in the future. Thus, you should think of the costs of development and support, and the best language will be the one your team is most acquainted with.

Appointing the timeframe

Yet another important decision is whether you want to ride some hype wave and publish an app quickly in hope of getting some traction, or you have a business idea that will still be relevant in a year, so you can dedicate more time to develop the app. There is a popular misconception regarding developer seniority, saying that “100 juniors will never do as much as 4 seniors”. We have an article explaining why hiring a balanced team is better than hiring 4 seniors.

Consider this — quick development does not mean low-quality deliverables, but it also does not necessarily mean high quality of the resulting code. It will be cheaper, yes, but cheap also is not relevant to quality. Needless to say, a product written in a month will not be as fleshed out as a product built for 4 months, but if the former has all the needed features and suffices for the user’s needs — this can also be a viable approach.

Thus said, you should try to find the optimal balance between the scope of the product, the must-have features to include, the nice-to-have features you’d like to see implemented, your budget limitations, and the time you are ready to dedicate to the project.

Mobile app success stories

Here are several real-life examples of mobile apps that did well, became market leaders in their category, or were bought by international corporations, turning their developers into millionaires overnight.


One of the most popular self-motivation tools around, Lift provides a personalized approach to every user, sending them quotes to lift their spirits. In a world where you have to constantly stay motivated to achieve the expected results, Lift gives that little extra push that keeps the people going and achieving success in the end. A good marketing campaign made Lift stand out of a myriad of “self-motivation apps”, making it become a huge part of its users’ lives.


Developed by an AI and automation expert, SportMe gathered a huge following among people preparing for various sports tournaments, undergoing weight loss programs, or just trying to live a more healthy and sporty life. Being an expert in fitness himself, SportMe’s original developer applied his knowledge to ensure his app actually solves the issues people face. As a result, an ever-growing community of people uses SportMe to track their progress in sports and is happy to pay for this handy app.


One of the best ways to ensure app success is to spot an underserved market niche and serve it exquisitely well. This is the approach BenevolentAI took, as it combined AI analytics with the EHR systems. Thus, it allows finding the best matches between drugs and people with incurable diseases, many of which are unresponsive to traditional therapies. With this app, people with glioblastoma, Parkinson’s, or motor neuron disease can apply for treatments their doctors were not even aware of.


What a simple yet brilliant idea — to allow car owners to earn some extra as part-time taxi drivers if they can spare the time to pick up a person and drive them to their destination if it is near their own route! What started as a car ride app, became one of the most popular mobile apps in the world and revolutionized multiple industries. Uber is by far not the only ride app — but a comprehensive marketing strategy, convenient UI and UX both for drivers and for passengers, permanent sponsorships for various events, and media presence definitely helped this platform to become an indisputable market leader.

Wrapping up

2021 is as good a year to start mobile app development as ever. As the COVID-19 pandemic is yet far from subsiding, and remote way of life is here to stay, people need more and more apps to address various aspects of their lives. The question is — how to find reliable mobile app developers to ensure the success of your project?

The answer is quite straightforward:

  • apply your expertise in some niche to ensure your app can serve the needs of the target audience better than the competition.
  • select the timeframe, language, and framework to develop your mobile app based on their availability now and in the future.
  • if you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house, outsource the task to reliable experts who can help select the best technology stack for the project and provide the necessary talents to develop the app.

Spintech can assist you with this task, as we have in-depth expertise in developing mobile apps for various industries. Most importantly, you need to strike the balance between the price and the quality, to ensure you spend sufficient funds to receive a high-quality product. Should you have any questions or inquiries — feel free to contact us, let’s discuss your next project!