Importance of the technical partnership for digital agencies and software houses

Importance of the technical partnership for digital agencies and software houses

Author: Dmytro Naumenko

31 Jul 2020

The evolving market needs new ideas and approaches. Every growing digital agency should be adaptive and scalable to attract new customers. Modern marketing companies demand specific expertise to deliver high-quality products. Thus said, digital agencies need a reliable technical partner. Collaboration with software houses can bring lots of benefits and below we’ll talk about them.

Today a successful marketing campaign includes a lot of details. You can’t offer a customer only advertising banners as the sole marketing channel. Users’ behavior has changed and the marketing strategies should change too. Digital agencies need to consider end-users’ needs and provide clients with efficient ideas, solutions, and tools. The most-demanded services in digital marketing nowadays are the following:

  • mobile applications;
  • mobile-optimized websites;
  • applications for wearables;
  • analytical tools.

Here a marketing agency might face a lack of technical expertise and other challenges. A partnership with a software house can solve this problem. Let’s have a look at the benefits of such collaboration:

  1. Delegation. You don’t need to hire an additional team in-house because you already have a reliable partner for technical tasks. Also, you get instant access to ready solutions for most common challenges and don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Wider expertise. Collaboration with a software company makes the expertise of your agency much wider. Now you can provide not only the marketing strategies, advertising, and content but more complex solutions for your customers.
  3. Competitiveness. By providing a fully-fledged solution you definitely will overtake competitors in your market niche. Clients want to solve problems as fast as possible without looking for two different companies for one issue and you’ll have the ability to do it.

Such a partnership is a win-win situation for the digital agency, the software house, and, of course, the client. Digital agency and software house could provide additional services and solve clients’ problems and the client will have a comprehensive solution fast.