Spintech recruitment strategy

Spintech recruitment strategy

Author: Anna Oleynik

03 Dec 2020

Ad-hoc recruitment can fill the project roles with suitable candidates — but only a long-term recruitment strategy can ensure the acquisition of A-players who will lead your project and your business to success. Spintech recruitment strategy is an in-depth workflow allowing us to provide the best talents that deliver value for your business.

Our recruitment team works individually with every client. Due to well-refined recruitment processes, we can provide the full cycle of recruitment for outsourcing and outstaffing projects.

Strong technical expertise helps us quickly define the project requirements, analyze the available pool of candidates, and shorten the time to select the best fit meeting the expected profile. We can achieve this due to established communications between our recruitment and sales teams, which allows aligning our efforts to reach tight time frames.

We always do research and assess the risks regarding the timely search of a perfect fit for every position, based on the technology stack involved, soft skills required and the current job market situation.

A flexible company structure enables the recruiters to receive direct consultations and technical expertise from the CEO and CTO should the need be, allowing us effectively close vacancies for complex recruitment cases, like Team/ Tech Leads and Architects.

Our priority is a balanced time/candidate quality ratio

We use all the available channels to reach candidates: from popular job portals to LinkedIn, web services, online event platforms, closed recruiter chats, and active networking.

The company invests in ensuring the maximum time-efficiency of recruitment by adopting all the latest instruments for automating the routine recruitment part and optimizing the time consumed. This provides us with the time margin needed to build the perfect candidate profile, based on the customer and team requests. This makes the sourcing stage rapid yet on-point and progressive.

We select the candidates with utmost attention, as they will be our colleagues in the upcoming years and co-workers on exciting projects. Thus, we assess both the technical skills of every candidate and their personality. It is very important to ensure the team members have matching tempers, common interests, life position, and communication style.

Spintech recruitment team is continuously evolving and stays on top of the current situation in the IT market in Ukraine. We attend meetups offline and listen to online webinars, we continuously improve our technical literacy to be able to walk the talk with the candidates.

Our recruiter attended the “Kharkiv IT Research 2019” event last year — a prominent presentation highlighting the results of Kharkiv IT industry research, which showcases the IT industry trends and achievements for the current year, as well as the plans for the upcoming year.

Success stories

  • We signed an offer with a Java Team Lead in a week after opening a vacancy.
  • A Front-end developer with a counter-offer under his belt decided to work only with us after having an interview.
  • We found a .NET Architect willing to relocate to Kuala-Lumpur in barely 2 weeks.
  • A seasoned Java developer with an impressive skill stack wanted to join us very much, but the project team was already complete by that moment. When the time came to expand the team in half a year — we wrote him first and he accepted the offer at once. He quit his then-current job and joined us in 2 weeks.

We build long-term relationships with all candidates because recruitment is all about friendship for years. Junior specialists turn to Middle and Senior developers but are always grateful to the recruiter who helped them join their dream team.

Feedback is essential

Candidates that fail our rigorous technical testing always get detailed feedback from our knowledge holders. This way, the talents can identify the gaps they need to close — and they often come back to us in the future, when their seniority is much higher. We also gather feedback from the candidates — and they often mention that their technical interview was the impulse they needed to master new skills and become better specialists.

Interviews with our team always bring positive experiences for candidates. Our sincerity, transparency, and trust during interviews help us ask more in-depth questions and candidates can give honest answers. We respect all the diverse personalities and understand that every individual differs based on their job experience. Thus, we ask more detail-oriented questions to QA engineers and more creative questions to designers or front-end developers.

The candidates we select for the client’s approval are so good they do not have to add more skills to their CVs — they are all great fits. We believe that transparent recruitment is the best recruitment.


Wrapping it up, Spintech provides everything you can expect from a trustworthy outsourcing partner:

  • Flexible, lean, cost-efficient recruitment without overcomplicated procedures
  • Sufficient resources to provide all the needed talents for your projects
  • Fair and respectful treatment throughout the entire contract engagement
  • Flat management structure, with easy access to the CEO/CTO or other executives when needed
  • Transparent pricing with no strings attached
  • Professional recruitment and HR teams to attract the best talents — and retain them

More importantly, Spintech creates a great working environment for your team:

  • Cozy office helping developers to focus on work
  • Canteen with food and beverages for refreshment
  • Regular team-building events and knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Like-minded colleagues and an environment fostering professional growth
  • Professional staff and managers working behind the scenes to ensure all operations run smoothly

Spintech can become your trusted outsourcing and outstaffing provider and attract and retain top talents that will help your business succeed! Drop us a line, we are ready to assist!