e-Commerce development

The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the popularity of e-Commerce platforms that allow shopping for various items from the safety of the user’s residences. Web-based and mobile apps provide convenient marketplaces for trading in grocery, fruits, and veggies, house cleaning products, household goods, linen and draperies, furniture and home appliances, footwear, and apparel, wearables and accessories, consumer electronics and gadgets, etc.

The e-Commerce boom ensures the people can now trade in things they never thought of before — like AR/VR-ready models for 3D-printing.

Benefits of e-Commerce development

The great thing about e-Commerce development is that there are thousands of readily available plugins, add-ons, and modules to enable quick customization and functionality enrichment. However, these are of little use when developing a blockchain-based energy trading platform, or iOS/Android apps for the world’s biggest 3D models marketplace.

In such cases, Spintech provides expertise in Ruby on Rails software development, extensive JavaScript coding skills, and PostgreSQL database management — or any other technology stack suitable to fulfill the project’s requirements.

  • UI/UX design
  • REST API integration with payment providers
  • Wide variety of cybersecurity, risk management, anti-fraud, and chargeback prevention tools
  • DevOps and cloud computing expertise to ensure platform scalability and performance
  • AR/VR expertise to provide memorable browsing and shopping experience for end-users