Development of educational and e-Learning software

The development of educational and e-Learning platforms always depends on the goals of building such software, the intended audience and usage format. Naturally, a corporate LMS would have to support integration with HRM systems, corporate Intranet and L&D platforms, external certification sources and communication channels, bite-sized mLearning nuggets available at the point of need to support business outcomes, etc.

It should also comply with strict cybersecurity and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of users’ PII, as well as support the import of a variety of content formats — from videos and texts to SCORM-compliant quizzes and AR/VR powered simulations. The same goes for building MOOC platforms, which also have to support secure billing and remote examination integration by API and can benefit from AI/ML-based personalization to deliver memorable learner journeys that ensure positive learning outcomes.

On the other hand, building an educational platform for K-12, high school, or college must be more centered on gamification, motivation, and practical reinforcement of the knowledge learned, while also complying with the regulatory requirements and security concerns. Thus said, having in-depth domain knowledge helps Spintech accurately define the required features and implement them in a polished product in time and under budget.

Benefits of educational and e-Learning app development

The Spintech team has the expertise required to develop and update any type of e-Learning software:

  • LMS platforms for corporate training
  • MOOC portals and LMS systems
  • K-12, high school, and college educational software
  • e-Learning content handling and CMS systems

Educational software from Spintech provide various benefits:

  • Cloud-based or on-prem deployment models
  • Scalability to meet your project needs
  • Secure storage and processing of user’s PII
  • Easy integration with third-party tools

Take a look at how Spintech helped build an award-winning AI-powered learning platform used by Global 2000 companies and governmental organizations worldwide.