eSports platforms development

With the COVID-19 pandemic on the loose, people started engaging in eSports more to fill the free time that was forced on them. eSports and online gaming platforms worldwide faced an influx of new users, driving the market growth in this already lucrative domain. More importantly, these people came there out of necessity but they stick around because they like it now, so they will continue playing even once the lockdowns are lifted, as it will be a good pastime for them.

2021 is a good time to jump on a hype train and develop an eSports platform to provide gamers with an opportunity to form teams and find new friends, engage in competitive battles, and form the championship ranks based on their skill. Building eSports platforms is one of the domain expertise areas for Spintech, and we know what features to implement to help keep your user base happy.

Benefits of eSports platform development

Having accrued a significant eSports platform development expertise, Spintech can ensure the following benefits for your company:

  • The rapid development of web and mobile eSports apps and platforms
  • Sleek design and robust user-centric features
  • API integration with payment processors and other third-party tools
  • Secure user data processing
  • Continuous platform support and updates.

Check out how Spintech helped the customer develop and update a successful eSports platform.