Financial and banking apps development. Fintech

When developing products for the fintech and banking industry, the key aspects are customer data security at rest and in transit, as well as reliability of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. Thus, software developers working on fintech and banking apps must be well-versed with GraphQL and REST API endpoint cybersecurity. This is the only way to ensure seamless and reliable product integration with external sources — customer identity verification databases (PEP/RCA/SAN watchlists), payment gateways, risk management platforms, etc. In addition, such apps should support AML-checks on the fly to prevent fraudsters from damaging your business and reputation.

Benefits of financial and banking app development

Spintech talents have ample expertise in developing and updating all kinds of fintech and banking apps:

  • e-Commerce platforms
  • Sports betting and gambling
  • Dating websites
  • mobile banking and currency exchange portals
  • accounting and payroll management tools, etc.

Products developed by Spintech provide the following benefits:

  • scalability to meet your customer traffic volumes
  • security of data storage and processing
  • ease of integration with third-party tools
  • regulatory compliance.

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