Development of real estate platforms

Technology changes the way we design, build, sell, buy and rent housing. AR/VR tours, personalized design, flexible filtering based on customer’s aesthetic preferences and financial expectations, rapid rendering of internal and external designs to provide in-depth prototypes of customer’s dream houses — housing platforms can provide a wide range of useful features to meet the customer’s expectations, outperform the market and provide value to the end-users. Due to the specifics of the retail industry, such platforms must be scalable and resilient to be able to handle heavy traffic, while also being nimble enough to provide a personalized customer experience and have a sleek design to provide enjoyable and memorable customer journeys.

Benefits of housing platforms development

Spintech possesses a wide range of skills and tools needed to develop highly customizable housing platforms within the set time frames and under budget:

  • Rich design to provide memorable and positive customer experience
  • Modular microservice structure to enable swift functionality updates
  • Cloud scalability to ensure your platform can handle any workload
  • Robust cybersecurity features to protect your customer’s sensitive data
  • Established CI/CD processes to ensure timely and bug-free DevOps software delivery
  • Deployment to Docker containers to ensure your platform runs on any hosting
  • REST API integrations to collaborate with various third-party platforms

Here is an example of how Spintech combined the knowledge of React, Go, Typescript, AWS, and Docker to create an innovative mobile-friendly web app with global coverage of rooms for rent.