iOS and Android mobile applications development

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home and spend more time on their smartphones. With more than 53% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, building a mobile application is not a whim anymore — it is a prerequisite for the survival of your business if you make revenue through online interactions with your customers. However, as your competitors face the same challenges, the question is not whether to build a mobile application or not. The question is — how to build a mobile app that outperforms the competition and helps your business grow?

The answer lies in selecting the most appropriate technology stack to help your customers achieve the intended results. The app should be working fast on any mobile OS, have impeccable design and convenient UX, while also ensuring the security of transactions and customer data handling. In addition, it would be wise to make your app cross-platform to double the speed to market (by sharing the codebase and business logic across platforms) while ensuring performance on-par with native apps and sleek design. However, should you need a native or hybrid app — Spintech can help you develop these as well!

Benefits of mobile app development

Spintech provides in-depth development expertise to help you deliver mobile apps that will enthrall your customers and turn them into your brand advocates:

  • Chat apps and messengers
  • mobile eCommerce apps
  • iGaming and dating apps
  • Fintech and mobile banking apps
  • And more...

Spintech ensures the following characteristics of our mobile apps:

  • Intuitive flat design and polished UX on all devices
  • Great performance on any OS versions
  • Robust features to provide positive customer experiences
  • Optimal memory usage and energy consumption for its goals

Let Spintech help you build great mobile apps in 2021 and increase your revenue streams!