eSports Tournament Platform

eSports Tournament Platform for amateur/semi-pro players who is passionate about Dota2 or CS:GO


“eSports Tournament Platform” provides gamers an easy way to compete and increase excitement while playing their favorite esports titles. The players can choose from various matchmaking modes (1v1, 2v2, 5v5, dedicated servers for official tournament games). All the players can talk and socialize either via Live Chat or Public/Dedicated Groups. Also, the “Prime” micropayment service was added in order to provide access to a variety of exclusive tournaments with higher prize pools.

The main challenge was to update the system to the newest industry standards, thus we’ve built the microservice which implements backend for frontend pattern, and applied various modular systems responsible for analytics, notifications, newsletters, etc.


The platform was completely refactored and optimized:

  • Backend code was migrated from the legacy PHP version to Golang
  • REST API was replaced with GraphQL
  • Monolithic application architecture was changed to GRPC-connected microservices.

Additional work was spent by our team on integration with various payment providers’ APIs for:

  • deposit and withdraw payment for players
  • payment ruling systems.

The Matchmaking systems were reassembled with proper custom matching and scoring modules augmentation linked to the newest SteamAPI version.

Team Setup

2 Golang developers

2 React developers

Case Study

eSports Tournament Platform