Lendwise lending platform

Lendwise is a lending platform where the clients can get a loan for education at a reasonable rate, thus giving the opportunity to young graduates to enhance their skills and augment their earnings capability without burdening them with unfair loan terms.


The main challenges set by our client were to implement core banking features like loans, disbursements, payments, repayments; get & share info about customer credit history and make it possible to proceed with direct payments to banks of customer choice. During the development process we’ve integrated custom Golang Mambu client and Precise Type Mappings for Banking processes automation; built an API for obtaining credit risks, affordability reports and credit history with Equifax insight share report encoder, report statement/sharing support and XML data converters; implemented Direct Debit Payments support (built an API around GoCardless direct debits platform and enabled major API endpoints/payments processing callbacks support).


Lendwise lending platform nowadays is a peer-to-peer lending business offering simple loans and smart investments that help borrowers further their education at the most attractive rate appropriate for their profile and lenders receive the best possible return for their investment. According to all implementations and updating the platform to the newest industry standards Lendwise can be almost called the No.1 education finance provider in the UK.

Team Setup

2 Senior Golang developers

Case Study

Lendwise lending platform