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The client wanted to expand its front-end, back-end, and QA resources through bringing in external development expertise for his product.

The key requirement was gathering such a team (2 front-end engineers, 2 back-end engineers, and 1 QA) in under 4 weeks. We employ a know-how HR Strategy along with maintaining and updating an internal talent pool database. Due to this approach, we are able to find suitable candidates quickly — in this case, we presented a fitting Team Lead candidate within a week. We also needed to form the rest of the team in under 3 weeks. Using our HR strategy, we formed a pool of 60 suitable candidates in a few days. After conducting internal interviews we’ve shortlisted the top-performing candidates and the customer was able to select the best fits among them, so we formed a team on our side within the estimated time frame.


The customer acquired a full-time engaged Dedicated team for more than 6 months. Our employees are now acting as an extension to the customer’s in-house team that works under Agile methodology, so we were able to seamlessly integrate with their processes and workflows. Nowadays it is an award-winning AI-powered learning product used by Global-2000 corporations and government agencies around the globe.

Team Setup

2 Frontend engineers

2 Backend engineers

1 QA

Modern learning platform


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