Migration to the cloud services

Did the time come for your project to become cloud-based? Do you want to remove the limitations of legacy infrastructure and enjoy the scalability, security and cost-efficiency of the cloud? Do you want to build cloud-native apps to address the needs of your customers? Do you want to automate repetitive server management tasks and shorten the time-to-market for your products and services? Migration to the cloud and DevOps transition enable all of the above and much, much more!

Spintech has in-depth cloud computing expertise and we are able to help with migration to the cloud of any product or service. Choosing the optimal cloud vendor, building CI/CD pipelines, automating repetitive tasks with DevOps tools and best practices — Spintech can help you get the most out of your cloud investments and ensure the cost-efficiency of running your cloud-based infrastructure.

Benefits of migration to the cloud

Every business can reap the following benefits of cloud migration:

  • Getting free from legacy infrastructure limitations and CAPEX
  • Ensuring scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security of operations
  • Gaining access to the latest technology solutions, tools, and platforms
  • Reducing the time-to-market for new products and features

Spintech provides solid cloud migration expertise, which provides multiple benefits to our customers. For example, we helped out customer become the №1 education finance provider in the UK.