Dedicated team model

Sometimes a business needs to outsource some task to a third-party technology provider completely and does not have the resources to handle the managerial overhead of the team extension model. In this case, the dedicated team model works best by ensuring you get the job done and the dedicated project manager takes care of the task delegation, overseeing, and completion.

Spintech possesses ample expertise working under a dedicated team model. From design, front-end/back-end development to data analytics and DevOps services, we can field the talent you need to make the project succeed. Our PMs will handle the sprint management, task completion, and reporting, so you can concentrate on growing your business while keeping the hand on the pulse of the project.

Benefits of a dedicated team model

Working with Spintech under a dedicated team model delivers multiple advantages:

  • Instant access to skilled teams in any domain
  • Value delivery from day one due to polished project management workflows
  • Project delivery continuity, as we handle any talent rotation should the need be
  • Transparency of project reporting and communication
  • Timely completion of the project deliverables

Take a look at how Spintech’s dedicated team helped build an award-winning AI-powered eLearning platform used by Global 2000 organizations worldwide.