Team Extension Model - IT outsourcing, outstaffing

There are a lot of cases when hiring a talent in-house is not feasible or easily doable, while entrusting some important project part to a freelancer is not wise. Thus, you hire software developers with the needed skills from a trustworthy technology partner to gain instant access to the skills you need.

This way, you can scale and speed up your software delivery while avoiding the hassles of recruitment and onboarding. Unlike dedicated team or time-and-materials models, you have to pay only for the time and effort particular experts devote to your project, without prepaid packages or managerial overhead.

Benefits of Team Extension model

When working with an IT outsourcing and outstaffing company like Spintech, you gain the following benefits under a team extension model:

  • Instant access to the expertise you need at the moment
  • Talent availability for any period of time
  • Remote employees working in the outstaffing partner’s office
  • Seamless collaboration with your in-house team and cultural fit
  • Project management is done by your PM or on the contractor’s side.

Take a look at how Spintech software helped multiple customers accomplish their projects under the Team extension model.