Technology migration, code refactoring

Are you in need of a technology migration? Is your product running using and outdated technology? Do you want to future-proof your business by implementing the latest innovations? Or is it time to add some versatility to your product’s features and implement 3rd-party functionality via APIs?

Spintech provides high-quality technology migration services for various types of apps across many different industries. A team of senior software architects can provide a data-based background for selecting the most relevant technology stack, design a project roadmap and perform the technology migration without majorly disrupting your business operations. Whether your product technology stack has to be upgraded to the latest version or replaced with a better alternative — we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of technology migration with Spintech

Due to our extensive expertise in software development, Spintech can ensure the following technology migration advantages:

  • Code refactoring to enable an API integration
  • Upgrading the existing technology stack to the latest stable versions while keeping the functionality intact
  • Reduction of product dependencies to enable modular development and scaling
  • Increased cybersecurity due to integrating the latest technology
  • Getting the best replacement for outdated/legacy technologies
  • Increased product performance and resilience at scale

Spintech can help bring your product up to speed and future-proof it, as we did for this eSports platform by migrating from legacy PHP to Golang.