Development of Web applications using AngularJS

Angular (not to be confused with AngularJS) is an open-source web app development framework written in Typescript. Initially developed by Google, it is now a golden standard across the industry for creating using-friendly, highly-performant web apps concentrating on Material Design and supporting rich animations. Boasting a wide range of polished components, Angular provides a framework for quick development and seamless updates for various kinds of web applications with client MVVM and MVC architectures.

Main benefits of Angular development

Angular provides a powerful and scalable toolkit for building web applications able to meet your unique project requirements and software engineering process.

  • Progressive web apps (PWAs). Angular allows building web apps that run inside wrappers in browsers to ensure accessibility on all mobile devices.
  • Real-time apps. Due to being developed by Google, Angular provides ample clean and resource-efficient ways to integrate with various Google services and use features like geolocation, cloud data storage and caching, real-time chatrooms, etc.

Spintech used our vast knowledge of Angular strong point to create a modular, robust and resource-efficient eLearning platform that helped optimize the onboarding and increase employee performance for a large enterprise.