Development of modern web and backend applications using Javascript

One of the oldest programming languages still in use, JS runs literally on any website where you have more than just static data display. While any interactive or advanced website features require JS, it can be used to control client-side website behavior and every browser has a built-in JS engine to process the JavaScript on any web page. First released back in 1995, JS gave birth to a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. It remains one of the core expertise required to build any web application.

Benefits of JavaScript development

Being a just-in-time compiled high-level client-side language, JS provides a variety of benefits when used in any web app development project:

  • Speed. As client-based JS is executed directly in the browser, it works lightning fast without having to call the server-based backend.
  • Simplicity. While being relatively simple. JS provides a ton of possible feature implementation scenarios.
  • Feature-rich UI. You need JS to enable rich interactions with your web app.
  • Interoperability. JS is compatible with any browser and works well with any programming language, being a predecessor for many of them.

Spintech has in-depth experience with using JS to implement various web app functionality. Take a look at a case study for a climate control application we built using Ember.JS and Ruby on Rails.