Development of Web applications using React JS

React is an open-source Javascript frontend library for creating UI components. It was initially developed by Facebook and is now supported by a passionate community of developers across the globe. Due to using the virtual DOM model, React creates an in-memory cache for computations and updates the resulting page in the browser on the fly. Thus, React apps can be written quite fast and boast high performance, as they do not update CSS styles or layout, avoiding the need to render the entire page every time.

React Native is a cross-platform mobile development framework, allowing rapid development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms using JavaScript. Due to powerful and robust React Native features, it is possible to create top-notch mobile apps that provide a nearly-native customer experience without the need to invest in developing and maintaining 2 separate codebases.

Main benefits of React development

Due to using declarative views, it is possible to create separate views for every state of every page in your mobile app — and update only the required components when the data changes. This provides a significant performance boost, ensuring a positive end-user experience. Besides, React can run as a front-end for Node backend, enabling seamless web and mobile (with React Native) experience for your customers.

  • Cross-platform portability. React enables you to build a single codebase and effectively render it to any platform of choice.
  • Rapid development. Due to using JavaScript syntax and having a wide variety of libraries and APIs readily available, React apps can be developed quite quickly.
  • Cost-efficiency. Save at least 20% as compared to building native apps.

Spintech used our React and Go expertise to refactor and modernize a robust and highly-performant eSports platform.